snailgarden08The snail is a pulmonate gastropod mollusk whose body is protected by a coiled shell. The species that SnailGarden company breeds is Helix aspersa, most commonly known as garden snail.

This species covers the largest percentage of consumed snails and is characterized by high productivity and adaptability.





09The meat of snails is a healthy, easily digestible, tasty and nutritious food. It was part of the Mediterranean diet since ancient times, especially in the area of ​​Crete. It's low in calories and fat and high in mineral nutrients and amino acids. It contains high amounts of proteins, omega-3 fat, calcium, iron and selenium, as well as ten times fewer bacteria than other types of meat.

Furthermore, the snails' eggs are used in the production of high quality white caviar and -because of their pharmacological properties- snails are also used in skin care cosmetics.




10 Farm snails are healthy, clean and free from any hazardous substances that snails in nature might have, as we can never be aware of exactly where the latter have lived and what they have been eating before they were selected.

Furthermore, as a decrease in the population of edible snails has been observed, their illimitable collection is forbidden by law in Greece, and they are considered to be endangered species and their collection is strictly forbidden in some other countries.




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